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i'm gonna honest with you this is my first mod and i'm so happy and excited about it. after long time work its finally out .
witcher combat yeah i hate witcher 3 combat the spins the animations and all and that's why i created this mod to give you guys the better experience of playing the game.
please read the details for full explanation

Permissions and credits
this mod is good for both type of players old and new especially if your new.
please read this part exatly to dont miss anything
main file's:
‚Äʬ†lets start with first mod 'no spin' this mod removes spins/whirls in (close / mid to close / far) new half sword swing much more right garlt hands attacks
  but when i talk about no spin i maen no spin that remove spins in strong attacks and second sword (monsters)
  (this mod is based on "" and "") but mybe you ask 
  what have you done you can see on (for moders) 
‚ÄĘ second we have "strong replace" this one just replace light attacks with strong attacks with effects it mean without holding shift you see strong animations
  (the first person share a video on this mod im gonna share his video in my own page)
optional file's:
‚ÄĘ "different combat" maybe you like spins but for you its too much so i made this one¬†
   this is in middle some times spin some times no spin you can see in videos

mod will give you much better experience with mine:
brutal blood 
immeresive cam
school of roach 

for moders: 
for the guys who know programing and modding
ok at first let me explain the (mmod)
i change the range in and i removed "man_geralt_sword_attack_fast_far_forward_1_rp_50ms" then i realize there are several spin animations with "far" so i removed "man_geralt_sword_attack_fast_far_back_1_rp_50ms" and all "man_geralt_attack_fast_far" in both files and then as you can see in the mid/close range it does not spin and replace it with "man_geralt_sword_attack_fast_2_rp_40ms"
and if you look at i fully changed light attack animations 
thanks for reading 
btw if you guys have any advice about spin animation ill be appreciated to read

tools i used :

maya w3
maya util
console comands
visual studio 
notepad ++