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Worthwhile Gwent - Reforged offers complete customisation of Gwent including betting and quest rewards through an in-game Mod Menu.

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Worthwhile Gwent - Reforged is a complete remake and upgrade of my mod Worthwhile Gwent. It can be easily installed through W3MM or manually by extracting the archive and dropping the folders "Mods" and "bin" into your Witcher 3 directory.

Please make sure to configure your options using the Mod Menu before resuming play.


The mod offers complete and total customisation of the Gwent mini game through the built in Mod Menu. You can:

  • Set a maximum bet amount for generic NPC's.
  • Option to award skill points.
  • Option to award bonus gold.
  • Option to award bonus Exp. Points. 
  • Set the above options globally affecting every match or for complete customisation you can go into the "Individual Settings" menu and configure rewards separately for each Gwent player!


Script Merger is required after installation as the mod makes a small edit to the following vanilla scripts: 


If there are any overhauls or anything out there that make large edits to those 2 scripts, please let me know so i can make a compatible version, there are already versions for Ghost Mode and W3EE.

Big thanks to Spontan for helping me with Menu Creation and Localisation!