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This plugin keeps track of 3 sets of armor: Video demonstration inside
- Adventuring gear
- Town gear
- Swim gear

Permissions and credits
Converted to work with Special Edition and Aniversary Edition

This plugin keeps track of 3 sets of armor:
- Adventuring gear
- Town gear
- Swim gear

Town Gear
- This is gear that will be equipped whenever you enter a major stronghold.
- Automatically removed once you leave

Swim Gear
- Equipped when you start swimming
- Will remain equipped even when wading in shallow water
- Removed a few seconds after you completely leave the water
- If in combat, swim gear will not be put on / be removed until combat ends

Adventuring Gear
- "Normal" gear, which is equipped whenever the other 2 aren't


How it works
It works 100% silently, behind the scenes. It watches what you put on and remembers it according to where you were.
It will not how ever change your equipment if you are in combat!

Note: When first loaded, all the sets are empty -> meaning it thinks you're naked. So it will unequip your gear, just put on your gear and it will remember it from then on.

Included is a less power which will toggle the features of this on and off. Be sure to toggle it off before removing the mod. This will prevent save bloat and prevent errors.

Known bugs - Sometimes the mod will think town and wilderness gear are the same, only fix for this is to deactivate the mod ESP file, load your game, wait about 3 hours ingame and re-enable the mod.

Credits -
All credit for this mod goes to Cmod from loverslab. He created this I'm just making it avaliable on the nexus