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Adds a repeatable Courier Delivery Service quest to Primm, with time limits, random encounters, toll booths and more!

Permissions and credits

I remember in the E3 showcase video for this game they mentioned you could actually deliver packages and do your job. Obviously, that didn't happen, so I took it upon myself to implement this feature into the game.

This could've been released months ago, but feature creep and new mod ideas pushed this mod started in September all the way to June, but whatever, it's here now :)


- 20 possible random locations to be sent to
- 4 different time limits
- Fast Travel is disabled when delivering: This isn't a 5 second job! You can enable fast travel by renting a caravan.
- About a dozen Random Ambush Encounters
- 2 Random Special Encounters
- 5 NCR Toll Booth locations around spots with major traffic, just like Cass mentions
- Trust system: If you're late, lose your package or refuse orders, you might lose your job!
- Mercenary System: Pay your debt, or you'll be hawked by mercenaries!
- Random reward and package value: Think it would be more worth it to sell it off than to complete the delivery?
- Package Delivery Challenge
- And more!


I've playtested this fairly thoroughly, but this is a pretty complex system, so there's bound to be a few errors I've missed. Let me know and I'll get to work patching them.


Should be compatible with pretty much everything. There are a few insignificant changes to some cells, but nothing that can't be easily patched.


To do it manually, add MojaveExpressCourierWork.esm, MojaveExpressCourierWork - Textures.bsa and MojaveExpressCourierWork - Sounds.bsa in the Data folder. Remove the files to uninstall.

Alternatively, you can use a mod manager.


- JIP LN NVSE Plugin
- JohnnyGuitar NVSE (Maybe? I don't remember if I used JG functions, but get it just in case if you don't have it already)
- ShowOff NVSE         (Maybe? I don't remember if I used SO functions, but get it just in case if you don't have it already)


Alison Proffitt: Linda the Shipment Manager

DormitoryBasher: Mercenary Leader

Latawoo: NCR Toll Operator

Latte#1862: Brotherhood of Steel Patrol Leader

MikeCharlie:  Recipient #1 (Goodsprings, SilverRush, AtomicWrangler, MedicalClinic, CrimsonCaravan, MojaveOutpost, HooverDam, MormonFort, Sloan)

TheLastJaddo#9404: Recipient #2 (Gomorrah, Novac, Westside, Ultra Luxe, Tops, Mick&Ralph, Embassy, McCarran, ForlornHope, 188, Golf)

My Friend Tom: Traveler 


Armor - NPC - Creatures

Father Elijah Accurate Face - Dead Money
Dean Domino Hair Cut Content Restored - Dead Money
Craftable Factionless Salvaged Power Armor
Endgame Areas Contain Ghouls - Lonesome Road
US Army Combat Helmet Revised - Lonesome Road
Vault 19 Red Jumpsuits
Sorrows Hair Style - Honest Hearts
Vault 34 Ghouls Have Vault Suits
Feral Ghouls and Jason Bright Brotherhood Robes
Feral Ghoul Armor and Outfit Pack
Raiders Aren't Shirtless Dweebs

Weapons - Ammo

.45 Auto Submachine Gun Retexture - Honest Hearts
Cosmic Knife Gauntlet - Dead Money
Bean Bag Rounds in Dead Money
The Pitt Auto Axe in Lonesome Road
Steamer Gun
Laser Diffuser - A Laser Scattergun
Plasma Discharger - An Automatic Plasma Weapon
Sawed-Off Laser RCW
Teleforce - A Unique Electric Energy Pistol
Heat Ray - Superhot Laser Pistol
Easy Come Easy Go - Unique 9mm Pistol
9mm Pistol Laser Sight
Burst Atlas - Laser Sniper
Holorifle Nerf - Dead Money
Multiplas Pistol
Glock Plasma Revolver
Plasma Sniper

Gameplay - Quests

Chaotic Big MT Infighting - Old World Blues
Legate Lanius the Ghost Person
Father Elijah Escapes - Dead Money
Westside Reputation
Ghost People Use Toxic Cloud Poison
Ant Burrow Restored - Honest Hearts
God can use Weapons - Dead Money
Detonate The One


F4NV Crutch - New Vegas Edition
Pre-War Cooking - My Personal Food Pack

Joke - Not Serious

Normal Pills- New Chem
Lore Friendly Immersive Legate Lanius Helmet Monster of the East Redux
Mobius is Morbius - Old World Blues

Enjoy :D