Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Final MIX
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Just Remove Subtitles

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Remove Subtitles: 

New patching method (easier):
- Download "KHPCPatchManager.exe"  HERE
- Double-click the exe and choose the patch (to be downloaded first) with "Select patch"
- Click "Apply patch" and choose the game's install folder
- Confirm and the patch will apply (takes roughly 5 minutes)
Once done, enjoy!

Old method
I. Archive download and extraction
  1.   Download the archive in Files
  2.   Extract the archive

II. Patch PKG files:
  1.   Drag and drop "SubtitlesRemoved.bbspcpatch" on "KHPCPatchManager.exe"
  2.   Drag the "en" folder (the one that contains kh2_first, kh2_second, etc.) located under "Kingdom Hearts HD 1 5 and 2 5 ReMIX/Image/" into the command window when prompted to do so
  3.   Press the "Enter" key
  4.   Wait for the patch to finish (should take around ~30 minutes, based on your PC)

Additional information:
This archive contains an OpenKH-based repacking tool and the necessary assets to patch the HD textures.

Source code of the repacking tool here:

Tuto Video : Tuto

Huge thanks to DePaw for this!