Chrono Cross: The Radical Dreamers Edition
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Replaces all music in the game with piano versions of the songs.

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I've replaced all the music in the game with Kara Comparetto's Chrono Cross Complete Soundtrack:

Checkout Kara's work on:
Amazon Music:
Apple Music:

Kara Comparetto's Chrono Cross Piano Soundtrack used with full knowledge and permission from it's composer: Kara Comparetto.

This replaces pretty much every track in the game with piano versions.
As some of the music replaced is during cutscenes, some of the movie files are replaced with the installation of this mod.
Since the graphics quality on the movies is so bad for the remaster, I've also included a version of this mod that uses the Snooty AI Upscale mod's video, so if you're using an AI Upscaled video mod, you should use that version of the mod to maintain a constant graphics quality in your cutscenes.

Snooty AI Upscale mod:
Snooty AI Upscale video used with full knowledge and permission from it's author, WhtSqurlPrnc.

*note- If you want to use this mod in conjunction with the Snooty AI, or another, cutscene Upscale mod, you must install that mod BEFORE this one.

Grab ONE of the versions of this mod:

-SD version has the original video.
-Snooty HD version has the Snooty AI Upscale video.

-English only has the English version of the opening video.
-Multi has all languages of the opening video.

-Unzip the mod directly into the data folder of the game:
\Chrono Cross - The Radical Dreamers Edition\data\

-Go into the data folder, and run "1mod_install.bat"
*note- Before changing anything, 1mod_install.bat will make a copy of "cdrom.dat" and "movie.dat" as "cdrom.bak" and "movie.bak". If you already have a file named "cdrom.bak" or "movie.bak" they will be overwritten.

-After you have confirmed the mod installed properly, run "2cleanup.bat" to delete the mod files that are no longer needed.