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LOVE Island's Paige Thorne winds up in tears tonight believing Jacques O'Neill was happy for her to talk to Jay Younger.

But a body language expert tells The Sun that there are subtle signs she DOES have secret feelings for the Scot.

Love Island's Paige Thorne may secretly have feeling for Jay YoungerCredit: Rex
She and Ekin-Su discussed Jay on last night's episode of the show

That's despite her night of passion in the Hideaway with rugby ace Jacques, with many speculating that they had sex.

Speaking to us on behalf of Betfair Casino, Darren Stanton said: "It’s interesting to see Paige’s body language when she was discussing Jay with Ekin-Su.

"She immediately flashed a micro-expression of disgust - a fast and unconscious sign of how a person is truly feeling.

"It suggests Paige doesn’t really want Jay and Ekin-Su to be together and could mean she secretly also has feelings for Jay, following their kiss."

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Love Island's Paige breaks down in tears over fears Jacques isn't genuine

The pair smooched during a game and Jay has even opened up to his Love Island co-stars about his desire to get to know Paige.

Darren continued: "During her exchange with Ekin-Su, Paige almost immediately raised one shoulder, her right shoulder, and in psychology we call this a bilateral shoulder shrug.

"On the outside, it’s an impulse reaction to suggest you’re unsure in response to what someone is saying.

"However, it can also mean that by lifting one shoulder that person has no confidence or belief in what that person is saying to them.

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"Paige doing so suggests she doesn’t have confidence in Jay’s feeling for Ekin-Su."

Darrena dded: "Paige also used the phrase, ‘I’m not going to lie to you,’ when discussing Jay with Ekin-Su.

"When people tend to use statements like this, it means that is exactly what they are going to do.

"Paige saying this and then raising her shoulder suggests that she wasn’t being entirely truthful with Ekin-Su.

"It wouldn’t be surprising if she does have her eye on Jay, despite seeming happy with Jacques."

Jay has made no secret of his interest in the Welsh paramedicCredit: Rex
A body language expert analysed her interactions with Ekin-Su

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