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Love Island 2022 RECAP -Coco snogs Andrew as Tasha cheats with Billy, Luca rows with Dami as Ronan Keating’s Jack enters

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LOVE Island's Coco snogged Andrew in bed, as Tasha cheated with Billy.

In a jam-packed episode Luca rowed with Dami as Ronan Keating's son Jack entered the villa as a bombshell.

This year's Love Island now has two children from 90s heartthrobs, Ronan Keating and Michael Owen, in the villa.

Jack and Gemma Owen, daughter of the former footballer, appears to be bonding with Jack Keating, son of the 90's popstar, particularly over their family values.

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  • Ije Teunissen-Oligboh

    The Love Island crossover you didn’t know you needed

    Love Island’s Laura Whitmore is a Stranger Things fan.

    As Casa Amor gets under way and fans are already left reeling from recent events, the Love Island host took to social media.

    With male and female bombshells making Islander heads turn, Laura joked Stranger Things villain, Vecna, was a new bombshell.

    She commented on Jamie Campbell Bower’s Instagram under an image of him in character as Vecna: “And the new bombshell entering the villa is… Vecna! Needs some factor 50, though”

  • Ije Teunissen-Oligboh

    Ekin-Su is predicted to bring more drama to the Island

    Davide and Ekin-Su have brought some of the best moments of this year’s Love Island.

    But this time, the drama is expected between Ekin-Su, Tasha and Andrew.

    Throughout the series, Tasha and Andrew have had many ups and downs with everyone confused as to why they’re still together, but Tasha insisting she sees a future for them.

    However, with Casa Amor underway, Tasha let out a bombshell of her own.

    When grilled about her and Andrew, she said: “it’s out of sight, out of mind” while she’s in Casa Amor and that she hadn’t found “that guy” yet.

    Gemma and Ekin-Su were visibly shocked and fans immediately took to social media with one user posting: “ekin knowing tasha told her she was in love with andrew like 2 days ago #loveisland

  • Sarah Tetteh

    Andrew, you saucepot!

    Tasha better look away now.

    It turns out Andrew likes Coco. He likes her bad!!!

    He wants his ring back from Tasha too.


  • Players

    Love Islanders are convinced Coco is playing a game by kissing both Davide and Andrew.

    Fans think otherwise.

    One Tweeted: "The boys are onto Coco thinking she’s playing a game but why are you then kissing her? Math is not mathing."

  • Ije Teunissen-Oligboh

    Everyone is saying the same thing about Love Island’s Jack

    New entry to the villa, Jack Keating is son of Boyzone frontman.

    Ronan Keating has said he’s “buzzed” to see his son, Jack, enter the Love Island villa.

    As the son of the Boyzone star, Jack is the second child of a 90s celebrity to appear on this year’s Love Island.

    Images of Ronan at 23-years-old have been doing the rounds on social media side by side with an image of Jack now, and fans can’t believe how similar they look.

    Talking about how his dad feels about him being on the show, Jack said: “He’s buzzing for me, me and my dad are very close, we’re best mates.”

  • Coco's killing it

    Love Island fans are going mad for Coco's style as she snatched Andrew from Tasha.

  • Jay's connection

    Did you see Jay have a cheeky snog with Chynna in bed?

    It's all heating up.

  • Andrew, you saucepot!

    Tasha better look away now.

    It turns out Andrew likes Coco.

    And we don't mean the hot chocolate treat.

  • How long will Love Island run for?

    Casa Amor just began and fans can’t help but wonder how many weeks we have left.

    In the first episode, host, Laura Whitmore, mentioned that the season will run for eight weeks which would suggest the highly-anticipated finale will air on 1 August.

  • What a night

    Love Island's Coco snogged Andrew as Tasha cheated with Billy.

    In a jam-packed episode Luca rowed with Dami as Ronan Keating's Jack entered the villa and made a play for Paige in a saucy challenge.

  • Secret snakes

    Do you see Andrew kiss Coco under the sheets?

    Now Davide has gone in for a bedtime smooch with Mollie.

    Good to see Danica finally getting some bedroom action with Josh too?

    Just your average quiet night in, then!

  • Ije Teunissen-Oligboh

    Tensions will be high for Luca and Dami tonight

    Casa Amor is in full flow and both couples and friendships are being tested.

    Two of the main couples at the moment are Gemma and Luca, and Dami and Indiyah, but both could be on the brink.

    With Dami seen to cheat on Indiyah with newcomer, Summer, tonight, we’re also expecting to see Dami get a little shirty with Luca for encouraging the boys to cheat.

    It’s thought that Luca will encourage Dami to sleep in the same bed as Summer and gets Jacques to agree with him, leading Dami to say: “Yeah, stop egging other people on man. What’s wrong with you? Just be real for once.”

    With tensions high, what’s next in store for the Islanders?

  • Celebrate good times

    Do you see all the lads jump on Andrew when he went for Coco?

    And he wants his ring back. Wow.

  • Tasha who?

    Do you see Andrew go?

    He's not wasting time getting to know Coco?

    'What about Tasha?' he says.


  • Coco lays it on with Davide

    Do you see them go in for a smooch by the fire-pit?

    Now he wants to share a bed with both Coco and Mollie.


  • Drama Island

    Dami better duck for cover.

    Love Island fans are dissing him for the way he is treating Indiyah by cracking on with Summer.

    It's all go.

  • Dami him

    Love Island fans are fuming with Dami's flirty banter with Summer.

    One Tweeted: "As in Dami I will rip your nipple piercing if Indiyah cries SHE HONESTLY DESERVES BETTER."

  • Gemma snogs Billie

    Luca looks fuming! Do you see him stomp off?

  • Tish for Tash

    Tasha's face when she found out Andrew kissed six girls.


  • Ronan's boy for Paige

    Did you see Jack shake his tail feather for Paige in the challenge?

    He's got his dad's moves, no?

  • Luca loves it

    Did you see him go in for that smooch with Chynna?

    Gemma was just delighted.

  • Snap chat

    And the award for best chat-up line goes to...


  • New Paige

    Do you see Jacques lapping up the attention from Mollie?

    He totally backs himself, do you hear him?

  • Does Davide like Coco?


  • Love Island is on - with Ronan Keating's son in the villa

    We kid you not.

    That sweet red-head who was chatting to Gemma last night is the off-spring of one of Ireland's biggest bands Boyzone.