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RMT’s archaic and dubious work practices are throwback to a bygone industrial age

Rail relics

THE archaic and dubious work practices the RMT is striking again today to ­preserve are a throwback to a grimmer, bygone industrial age. They cannot be ­justified in 2022.

Reports of nine staff needed to change a single electrical socket.
Of a 12-minute “walking time allowance” paid for a one-minute stroll.

General secretary of the RMT Trade Union Mick Lynch on a picket line at Euston Station
The RMT's archaic demands cannot be ­justified in 2022Credit: PA

Teams barred from working outside their designated area. Breaks allegedly restarted if a boss speaks to any worker.

Not to mention Sunday shifts still considered overtime on top of already excellent salaries. And a knee-jerk resistance to crucial modernisation.

The Spanish practices of the print unions bled newspapers dry in the 1970s and 1980s. The RMT’s deserve to go the same way.

Not least because a more flexible, less bloated workforce should free up funds to give strikers a rise closer to what they want.



Latest rail strike updates as 2nd walkout goes ahead after failed RMT talks

For all his blokey affability in TV interviews, the RMT’s Mick Lynch must know he is defending the indefensible.

He and his militants behave like the rail network mainly exists to provide them with cosy, well-paid jobs for life instead of to transport paying passengers cheaply, comfortably and efficiently.

Ancient union practices don’t help customers, however much the RMT pretends to prioritise their safety. The real aim is to preserve jobs, perks and union power.

The brothers must be dragged into the 21st Century.

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Cop whitewash

HOW is it possible? How can a £6million, eight-year inquiry into police failings in the monstrous Rotherham child sex abuse scandal not recommend one cop for the sack?

What a waste of time and money. What a grotesque new insult to victims.

Over 16 years politically correct police, fearful of racism accusations, turned a blind eye to gangs of mainly Asian men raping up to 1,400 white girls.

Sickeningly, the officers also judged the victims “streetwise” and consenting.

They were vulnerable children being systematically raped by paedophiles.

Yet no cop will be fired, of 47 probed.

Not the patrol officers, nor any chief who set the tone.

We weep for all those betrayed — first by useless cops, now by this whitewash.

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Electric shock

BEWARE if you’re thinking of gambling on a new fixed-rate energy deal to dodge the massive rise looming in October.

You might save a tidy sum. But if sanity returns to prices it could cost you a packet to leave early for a cheaper deal.

Some firms, scandalously, have hiked early exit fees tenfold. One wants £600 to leave a one-year tariff.

And don’t kid yourself the feeble Ofgem will help.

Make very sure you read the small print.