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Hell Yes, the Mercedes-AMG G63 Is Getting Monoblock Wheels

I'll take one just like this, please.

What's happening

The Mercedes-AMG G63 has a new monoblock wheel design.

Why it matters

Just look at them. They're awesome.

What's next

They'll be available on the G63 in the US for the 2023 model year.

Earlier this week as I was procrastinating by perusing through different automaker's European online configurators, I noticed something incredible on Mercedes' German site. The Mercedes-AMG G63 is now finally available with a spectacular monoblock wheel design, and best of all, it'll be offered in America.

Mercedes first debuted a modern monoblock wheel on the AMG GT 4-Door in 2018, though that 21-inch option is no longer available after the GT's facelift. A similar, even blockier 23-inch style is offered on the AMG GLS63, and of course the Maybach S-Class gets its own less sporty monoblock designs. But to me, not offering this style of wheel on the G-Class was a huge miss. The G-Wagen is the flashiest car that Mercedes makes, the epitome of a fashionable four-wheeled object, and monoblocks are as flashy and iconically Mercedes as it gets — not to mention the fact that the aftermarket has been pumping out similar wheel designs for the G-Class for years now.

They look good in black, too.


The G63's new monoblock wheel measures in at 22 inches, and it's available in either polished aluminum or matte black with a silver lip. The design is pretty much identical to the wheel on the GLS63, with an AMG logo stamped into one of the spokes, a large Mercedes star emblem in the lug-covering center caps, and faux rivet elements. The silver finish costs around $4,900 in Germany while the black version is about $5,700, making the monoblocks about $1,000 more expensive than the G63's other 22-inch wheel.

It doesn't seem like the European G63 gets any other styling changes, aside from more available color and trim options through the G Manufaktur Division. Mercedes hasn't announced the 2023 G-Class for the US yet, but a spokesperson for the brand confirmed to me that the monoblocks will be part of the new model year's updates. We know Mercedes is working on a facelift for the G that will bring some styling tweaks and hopefully an updated infotainment system, but that might not come until 2024 -- the year that will also bring the electric EQG, which has its own unique monoblock wheel design.