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Amazon Prime Day 2022: Second 'Prime Early Access Sale' Event and More

Will there be a second Amazon Prime Day event in 2022? Rumors are saying we may actually see one.


This story is part of Amazon Prime Day, CNET's guide to everything you need to know and how to find the best deals.

Rumors are heating up about a potential second Amazon Prime Day. This would follow the first one, which took place in July 2022 and Amazon claimed it to be one of the company's best shopping events to dates. Since its inception back in 2015, Amazon has held Prime Day once a year but this year things may be different. The rumors that are circulating point to a "Prime Early Access Sale," which could be coming in October. This would make sense as Amazon will look to capture early holiday shopper interest.

It's still unclear whether this will be a full Amazon Prime Day style event with 48 hours of discounts or if it will just be a kickstart of the holiday shopping season ahead of Black Friday. Let's break down everything we know about Amazon Prime Day and what we've heard about the rumored Prime Early Access Sale.

Will there be a second Amazon Prime Day event this year?

Given the success of Prime Day, we've seen regular rumors that Amazon could move to a twice-a-year format in order to juice sales in the summer and the fall. Ahead of this year's official Prime Day event in July, we saw reports that Amazon plans to hold a second Prime Day-like sale later in the year with Amazon said to have informed certain third-party merchants about a "Prime Fall deal event." 

Later in July, it was again reported that Amazon is planning a second Prime Day-like deals event for October. The event, said to be called Prime Early Access Sale according to internal documents seen by Insider, is expected to run for two days and is described as a "high velocity" sales event that will offer, "early access to exclusive high caliber-T5 quality deals when Prime members least expect it."

As it stands now, this is all rumor. It wouldn't be overly surprising to see Amazon try to get out ahead of the competition in October before the Black Friday month-long sales kick off in November.

When is the second Prime Day 2022 sale rumored to happen?

Though it's unlikely to take the "Prime Day" moniker in official advertising, recent reports point to an October timeframe for Amazon's second Prime-exclusive sale of 2022. The event has not yet been officially announced, though it's expected to be a two-day event similar to Prime Day. 

Historically, Amazon has held its Prime Day sales each July with just a couple of deviations from that regular schedule. Notably, in 2020, Amazon pushed its Prime Day sale to October due to the COVID-19 pandemic before returning it to the summer in 2021 in a slightly earlier June spot. Prime Day moved back to July in 2022, though it seems Amazon may be earmarking that October slot once again for its rumored Prime Early Access Sale.

As a reference, here are the Prime Day dates from previous years:

  • Prime Day 2015: July 15
  • Prime Day 2016: July 12
  • Prime Day 2017: July 11 to 12 (first to last longer than one day)
  • Prime Day 2018: July 16 to 17
  • Prime Day 2019: July 15 to 16
  • Prime Day 2020: Oct. 13 to 14 (delayed by COVID-19 pandemic)
  • Prime Day 2021: June 21 to 22 (the earliest to date)
  • Prime Day 2022: July 12 to 13

Second Prime Day vs. Black Friday: What about the deals?

With the two events potentially happening so close together again this year, odds are you'll be a little nervous about buying something in October that usually goes on sale for Black Friday in November. We anticipate that Amazon will likely have some type of "pricing guarantee" or similar to advertise that gives consumers peace of mind that the prices they are buying items for now are the same that they'll find during Black Friday deals.

Amazon just released a "Toys We Love" list, which highlights some of the year's bestsellers ahead of the upcoming holidays. Some of them have "preorder price guarantees" already, so it wouldn't be out of line to think Amazon will do the same if it hosts an event next month.

Why did Prime Day start?

Amazon has been hosting its annual Prime Day sale since 2015. Originally, it was a 24-hour sales event to celebrate Amazon's 20th birthday. The "Prime" in the name refers to Amazon's subscription service, which offers free delivery on many products in as little as one to two days, and which has now expanded to encompass the Netflix-style Prime Video service and various other Amazon-related perks

Prime Day soon became a version of "Black Friday in July" for Amazon, allowing the retailer to have a branded 48-hour shopping extravaganza in an otherwise sleepy retail season. Unlike Black Friday, however, the Prime Day branding lets Amazon differentiate its summer sale from competitors while selling Prime memberships and Amazon-branded hardware such as Echo speakers and Fire tablets, which encourage customers to stay in the Amazon ecosystem. The fact that the sale also allows Amazon and its partners to clear out inventory and warehouse space ahead of the holiday shopping season doesn't hurt, either.

How does Prime Day work?

The idea behind Prime Day is a simple one: Subscribers to Amazon's Prime service can get exclusive discounts on thousands of products and services across the site during a limited period of time. The products, while still available to non-Prime members, will have extra savings for members, dropping many of their prices down to new all-time lows. 

When you're logged in to your Prime account and looking at a product landing page, you'll see the discounted price if it's on sale. You don't need any special coupon codes, nor is there a need to use a specific payment method in order to get the discounts.

We expect the rumored Prime Early Access Sale to work similarly, though the name suggests that non-Prime members may be able to get in on the action at some point.

How long will the Prime Early Access Sale last?

Similar to Prime Day 2022, it is expected that October's Prime Early Access Sale will run for two days though an official timeframe, or even the event's existence, has not yet been confirmed by Amazon. It's still unclear whether there will be Lightning deals that surface throughout the event or if it will be just a new set of daily deals each day. 

What countries can participate in the Prime Early Access Sale?

We don't yet know in which regions and countries Amazon will launch its Prime Early Access Sale, though it's likely that if you had access to Prime Day 2022 then you will be able to take part in the rumored October sale. 

Amazon expanded the reach of Prime Day in 2022 by bringing it to Poland and Sweden in July, with customers in Egypt experiencing a Prime Day for the first time this year too. For reference, here's the full list of countries that participated in Prime Day 2022:

  • Austria
  • Australia
  • Belgium
  • Brazil
  • Canada
  • China
  • France
  • Germany
  • Italy
  • Japan
  • Luxembourg
  • Mexico
  • Netherlands
  • Portugal
  • Singapore
  • Spain
  • United Kingdom
  • United States
  • Poland
  • Sweden
  • India
  • Saudi Arabia
  • United Arab Emirates
  • Egypt

Do you need to be a Prime Member to shop Prime Early Access Sale?

Just like Prime Day, we expect that the Prime Early Access Sale will require a Prime subscription to nab Prime-exclusive pricing, though the name of the event does leave open the opportunity for non-Prime members to snag the deals at a later date with your Prime membership merely granting early access. Since the event has not been officially announced, the finer details are yet to be revealed. 

Amazon earlier this year raised prices on Prime membership. It's now $15 a month ($139 a year).

Will other retailers participate in the Prime Early Access Sale?

Each year, we see retailers like eBay, Best Buy and Walmart kick off July sales in order to try and compete with Amazon Prime Day and 2022 was no different. Given the rumored Prime Early Access Sale's proximity to Black Friday sales, it's possible that we'll see several weeks of sales ahead of the traditional Black Friday weekend as was the case back in 2020 when Amazon moved its Prime Day sale to October due to the pandemic. 

Best Amazon Prime Day 2022 deals

Though Prime Day 2022 is over and its best deals have long since expired, we can use it to gain some insight into the sort of deals we might see during Amazon's rumored Prime Early Access Sale in October. Below are a few of our top picks from Prime Day 2022. 

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